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Qualitative execution:

A qualitative survey refers to a study of a small part of the individual samples carefully selected,Utilize the insight of researchers, Professional knowledge and past experience to reveal the motivation behind the behavior of research objects,Demand and thinking mode product seminar.

—In-Depth Interview.lDl(Online,Offline,Telephone)

—In-Home Interview

—Group/Focus Groups Discussions(FGD)

—Product Work-Shops


Quantitative execution:

Quantitative surveys focus more on the universalitv and obiectivitv ofthe sample. requiring precision in data processing,making them moresuitable for execution through quantitative surveys. Quantitativeresearch is mainly applied in user research and some enterpriseresearch proj

—Field Audits

—Eye Tracking

—Car Clinic

—Street Interviews

—Store Inspection

—Telephone Interviews


—Mystery Shopping

—Central Location Interview (Test)

—In-Store Interviews/Exit Interviews